Welcome to my Photo-Blog.
Usually there are new pictures here every weekend. If not, I am probably just on the search for new motives.

Two new city exploration pictures
No. 66
June 26th 2022
A river in the twilight
Two new Nature pictures
No. 65
June 18th 2022
This old steel bridge leads to a place to relax and cool off on hot summer days.
Two new pictures from Leipzig
No. 64
June 12th 2022
The leipzig battle of nations monument by night.
Two new black & white pictures
No. 63
June 6th 2022
An urban street, while people enjoy the summer weather in the neighboring recreation area.
Page update
No. 62
May 29th 2022

- on the NEWS-Page
    -> Moving the date tag to the right side.
    -> Increase the size of the image area.

- on the GALLERY-Page
    -> Changed the position of the tags from a horizontal to a vertical arrangement.
Two new flowers and plants pictures
No. 61
May 29th 2022
Close-up of two flowers ...
Two new Barcelona pictures
No. 61
May 22th 2022
"The four columns" in front of the "Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya" at night. Taken from the direction of the fountain "Font Màgica".